The Rifle Shoppe, Inc.


From the beginning we have trusted Jesus Christ as our silent, but most vital, partner in this business. He has guided us through the most trying times and opened the hearts of many wonderful people to help us and we would like to acknowledge them. This business has grown to what it is today, based on their efforts and kindness. We try to acknowledge each of those persons by name, and if by chance we have left anyone out, we apologize. It is so hard in the present world for a small business to grow, but with the Grace of God he has continually overfilled our cup with blessings, He has employed the four of us for the past twenty three years. We would also like acknowledge Dave McWhorter who was an inspiring friend, and talented engraver.

We would also like to acknowledge some wonderful people that jump in and help others far more than you could ever hope to repay in anyway. Dennis Twigg a long time friend who without his encouragement and special help we would have never gotten started on this wonderful adventure. We dearly miss Kit Ravenshear as he had guided us on the Early European Martial Arms as no other could have done. He was a great person to work with and a wonderful friend. We also will sincerely miss Lynton McKenzie who helped us immensely with the European Sporting Arms, he guided us into the quality of work we do today, his knowledge and friendship was a real blessing. We are deeply appreciative to George Nuemann, George Moller, D.W. Bailey and George Shumway for their wonderful help with research and the use of their photographs which have helped this catalog tremendously. There are more like Phil Ackermann, Herman Benninghoff, the late Ed Kosik, the Winchester Museum, The 45th Infantry Museum, Bob Fisch with the West Point Museum, R.H. McCrory, the Late Lee Good with the J.M. Davis Museum, Bob Brooker, Terry Kirkpatrick, John Bosh, Simon Gilbert and Compton LaBauve, Jr., Bob Cheel, Helge Engebretson with Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, Thomas Roth with the Royal Swedish Army Museum, John Powell with St. Augustine, John Furman, as well as Jim Agne with the drawings he is doing and many, many more to numerous to mention for without their help and ideas this would not be possible.

We highly recommend the following books. We consider these a must for anyone in this business:

George Moller's - Volume I and II "American Military Shoulder Arms", which we have used throughout this catalog. This is the finest work out, loaded with photographs and research on all variations of firearms used in Colonial America through the Revolution, showing variations of French, British, German, Dutch, and Spanish firearms. Volume II deals with U.S. Rifles, Muskets and Contract Weapons from 1790 to 1840.

D.W. Bailey's - Pattern Dates for "British Ordnance Small Arms 1718-1783" has simplified the understanding of the British Ordnance system by assigning dates to the various improvements and changes to British Small Arms. It also has a wealth of research information and pictures of the early British Small Arms.

D.W. Bailey’s New Book "British Military Flintlock Rifles 1740-1840" a fantastic amount of research and phtotographs of British Flintlock Rifles especially Baker Rifles. A must have book with information on the man regiments, bayonets and their equipment.

George Neumann's - "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution". This book has a massive amount of photographs of weapons and equipment showing 4 or 5 views (many are close-ups) of each weapon plus bayonets and swords used during the American Revolution.