About Us

sampleThe Rifle Shoppe was started with one idea in mind to make replacement parts, stocks and barrels for older weapons. The most important thing to us is Authenticity! We do not change anything to make it easier to produce. The only way to keep the high quality and consistency on castings is to use very high wax injection pressures and hard tooling (molds). By doing this it will sometimes leave small flashings on the edges of parts that must be filed off, but we believe it is better to have perfect detail on parts and a small amount of clean up work, than to have no clean up and very little detail. All parts are shipped as cast with casting gates still on them.  Please refer to our Policies and General Information pages for more information.  We do not take a bunch of something that looks similar to something else and tell you that it is an original copy. There are many other companies that do this so if you want to drive a Volkswagon and believe it is a Mercedes-Benz then you should do that, but if you are after something absolutely nitpicking correct, then we are your kind of people.

Our Operation:

The Rifle Shoppe is a very small operation. We custom make or cast the parts for most orders when we receive the order. We are stocking many popular parts for your convenience, making shipment quicker, although maintaining an inventory has been hard as it seems to go out as fast as we receive the parts in. If you call and we don’t have the items in stock please place your order, you will then be on the list for the next available shipment. Our average estimated delivery time is 90 to 120 days, (sometimes longer due to things beyond our control) so please plan your work around this time schedule. For more information on delivery times and the castings process please see our Policies and General Information pages.  We assure you that our quality is well worth the wait.

Stocks and Barrels we offer:


The Rifle Shoppe stock and barrel patterns are the finest and most correct for each weapon we make. They are made with every attention given to even the smallest of details. We do not change any feature on these weapons, unless it is not compatible with other weapons of the same type. When we copy the stocks and barrels on many of these weapons we try to compare them with as many of the same type weapons as possible to make sure that each style is consistent. There are many features on European guns (Military & Sporting) such as slightly cast off combs, bottoms of butts lightly slanted to fit the shoulder cavity and ramrod rod channels are slanted on French muskets to clear the big main springs. They were designed this way so they would fit more comfortably and be able to keep the slender lines they had. When you get a chance to study original pieces, look closely at the top and bottom sides and how (even when nothing is parallel and straight) everything flows together. It took the Europeans 200 years of skill and knowledge to understand and design the fit into guns. The Early Kentucky rifles had some of the features and were extremely pleasing to the eye, but it was lost by the Percussion Era.

Where we deliver:


We ship to many different countries and currently have dealers in Germany, England, Australia and Ireland that are handling our parts. Please see our contact page for their contact information.