1660's - 1670's French Fusil Ordinaire (640)

The Fusil Ordinaire or common musket first appeared in the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715). The first mention of flintlock fusils in Canada was in 1660 when there was quite a quantity at Fort Saint-Louis in Quebec city, again in 1665 when the Carrignan-Salieres Regiment arrived in Canada. This very early lock and cock profile was carried over from the late 1650’s with the exception of the frizzen which now has a slightly pointed top and a screw now holds the sear spring to the lock, where as before the sear spring lug pressed through the plate for retention. This French musket has a beautiful full rounded butt plate. You will notice the lack of fluting on the comb which does not start appearing on military weapons until the late 1670’s. The lock is typical early with the small radius moldings, 69 caliber, 44 ½ octagon to round barrel with iron mountings and early large headed ramrod. Thanks to Pierre Cayla who was instrumental in helping us with this weapon. This Fusil is shown in color on the back cover.

640 Set of Lock Castings $150.00  
640 AS Assembled Lock $395.00  
640 LP •Lock Plate $24.95  
640 C •Cock $24.95  
640 TJ •Top Jaw $18.95  
640 F •Frizzen $24.95  
640 FS •Frizzen Spring $23.95  
640 T •Tumbler $18.95  
640 S •Sear $18.95  
640 SS •Sear Spring $19.95  
640 MS •Main Spring $23.95  
640 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
640 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  
640 BP Butt Plate $36.95  
640 TG Trigger Guard  $36.95  
640 TP Trigger Plate $15.95  
640 TR Trigger $12.95  
640 SP Side Plate $16.95  
640 SLSX Side Lock Screw (2 Needed) $6.95  
640 RT Rear Thimble  $18.95  
640 FT Front Thimble (3 Needed) $16.95  
640 BA Barrel $295.00  
640 BRP Breech Plug $24.95  
640 BUL Barrel Underlug (4 Needed) $2.95  
640 TASX Tang Screw $4.95  
640 ST Stock $295.00  
640 RR Ramrod (Tapered, Iron Tipped) $39.95  
640 PARTS Parts Set with Set of Lock Castings $1,050.00  
640 PARTSAS Parts Set with Assembled Lock $1,250.00  

Included in a Set of Lock Castings.