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With the exception of weapons with early type firing ignitions, the weapons in our catalog are separated by country.

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Hand Gonnes       French Fowlers       Virginia Manufactory Rifle
Matchlocks       French Locks & Hardware       US Pistols
Wheellocks       German Arms       US Locks & Hardware
Snaplocks       German Pistols       Russian Arms
Scottish Weapons       German Jagers (Fancy)       Danish - Norwegian Arms
Snaphaunce Weapons       German Locks & Hardware       Danish - Norwegian Pistols
English Lock Weapons       Austrian Arms       Swedish Arms
Doglocks       Austrian Pistols       Knives & Swords
Hand Mortars       Dutch Arms       Plug Bayonets
English Arms       Dutch Pistols       Socket Bayonets
English Pistols       Dutch Fowlers       Spontoons
English Fowlers & Locks       Dutch Locks & Hardware       Gorgets
English Blunderbusses       Spanish Arms       Wheellock Spanners
English Locks & Hardware       Spanish Fowlers       Miscellaneous Parts
French Arms       Spanish Pistols       Prints & Drawings
French Percussion Arms       Spanish Locks & Hardware       Single Shot Parts
French Carbines       Italian Locks & Hardware       New Items
French Pistols       US Arms  

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