Danish - Norwegian Arms

Thanks to Helge C. Engebretson and The National Armed Forces Museum in Norway for their help on this section. Other than the Snaplock, Norway used the Military Pattern Arms from Germany and a few other countries up until the mid-1700’s, when Denmark took over. After the war and separation from Denmark in the first part of 1800 the Norwegians started it’s own arsenal “Kongsberg”. You will see much blending in the arms from Norway, Denmark and Sweden, during these different time periods. Norway was also the first to have troops mounted on snow skies, from the mid-1600’s on. Military Danish - Norwegian Arms identification can be very confusing because existing arms were modified and remodified two, three and even four times, even on 30 to 40 year old muskets.

Snaplock (890)

1744 Danish Musket (934)

Danish - Norwegian 1803 (835)

1803-41-51 Danish - Norwegian Jager Rifle (891)

Danish Officers Fusil Lock (658)

1788-41-51 Model (914)