Dutch Type III Musket (617 III)

The Type III muskets appear mainly to be Type II muskets with barrel lengths of 40” to 41” and fitted with 3 to 4 bands instead of pins. All hardware and lock is the same as Type II. There seems to be no reasoning why some have four bands and some have three bands. All bands except the front band are friction fit. Some Type III have longer wrist sections which make the comb appear very large and odd shaped.

617 RBB Rear Barrel Band (Musket) $34.95  
617 MBB-2nd 2nd Middle Barrel Band (Musket) (Closest to Rear Barrel Band) $34.95  
617 MBB Middle Barrel Band (Musket) (with Swivel Lug) $34.95  
617 FBB Front Barrel Band (Musket) $39.95  
617 FBBS Front Barrel Band Spring $19.95