Snyder Rifle (773)

The Snyder Conversions were adapted in 1866. They were made by removing a few inches of the barrel breech and adding a new breech section. The first model was called Mark 1. The Mark II came out in the first part of 1867 it used a slightly larger breech block and the extractor was altered. The hammer nose was also cupped out. The Mark III came out in 1868 and was on all new manufacture using a locking latch button to lock the now steel breech block closed and steel barrel instead of Iron. The hammer nose is now again flat instead of cupped.
Mark III Snyder’s were mainly new production guns with the improved locking breech block. These have a latch button on the Left underside of the block. All Mark III’s will use the laidly pattern bands.

773 H-MK-1-3 Hammer (Mark 1 & 3) $29.95  
773 H-MK-2 Hammer (Mark 2) $29.95  
773 FRP Firing Pin $29.95  
773 FRPNR Firing Pin Nipple Retainer $14.95  
773 EX Extractor $19.95  
773 LDS Latch Detent Spring $14.95  
773 RBB Rear Barrel Band $34.95  
773 MBB Middle Barrel Band $34.95