Portuguese Baker Rifle Lock (858)

The British Baker Rifle was also used to help arm the Cacadores of Portugal when the British invaded. There were also many sent to Portuguese government in Brazil during and after the war. Many of the ones you find from Brazil have had the rifling, cheek piece and patchbox professionally removed for some reason. The Portuguese rifles with the round faced lock also have a slightly different hammer with a much thicker comb and neck. All other stock hardware is the same.

858 Set of Lock Castings  $150.00  
858 AS Assembled Lock  $395.00  
858 LP •Lock Plate $24.95  
858 C •Cock  $24.95  
858 TJ •Top Jaw  $18.95  
858 F •Frizzen $24.95  
858 FS •Frizzen Spring $23.95  
858 T •Tumbler $18.95  
858 B •Bridle $18.95  
858 S •Sear $18.95  
858 SS •Sear Spring $19.95  
858 MS •Main Spring $23.95  
858 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
858 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  

Included in a Set of Lock Castings.