Joe Manton Double Fowler (570)

Joe Manton was considered one of the best English Gunmakers of all time. He made more improvements to flint locks and shotguns than any other maker. His guns are a work of art in just functionality alone. Joe Manton brought the flintlock to its peak of perfection in speed and durability. The Late Lynton McKenzie helped us with these sets so you can build either a double or single late period fowler which will handle better than 90% of modern shotguns.

This set comes from the Late Lynton McKenzie Collection. These locks were made for the recessed breeches. The lock features, the full waterproof pans, antifriction wheels on frizzens which work against the cams on the frizzen springs to speed up the frizzen action and antifriction internals which were all his latest improvements. The lock plates measure 4 1/2" x 1". The throw of the cock is 1 1/4".

Right Hand Lock Parts

570 R Set of Lock Castings (Right Hand) $150.00  
570 LP-R •Lock Plate (Right Hand) $24.95  
570 C-R •Cock (Right Hand) $24.95  
570 TJ-R •Top Jaw (Right Hand) $18.95  
570 F-R •Frizzen (Right Hand) $24.95  
570 FS-R •Frizzen Spring (Right Hand) $23.95  
570 T-R •Tumbler (Right Hand) $18.95  
570 B-R •Bridle (Right Hand) $18.95  
570 S-R •Sear (Right Hand) $18.95  
570 SS-R •Sear Spring (Right Hand) $19.95  
570 MS-R •Main Spring (Right Hand) $23.95  
570 STR-R •Stirrup (Right Hand) $14.95  

•Included in Set of Lock Castings.

Left Hand Lock Parts

570 L Set of Lock Castings (Left Hand) $150.00  
570 LP-L •Lock Plate (Left Hand) $24.95  
570 C-L •Cock (Left Hand) $24.95  
570 TJ-L •Top Jaw (Left Hand) $18.95  
570 F-L •Frizzen (Left Hand) $24.95  
570 FS-L •Frizzen Spring (Left Hand) $23.95  
570 T-L •Tumbler (Left Hand) $18.95  
570 B-L •Bridle (Left Hand) $18.95  
570 S-L •Sear (Left Hand) $18.95  
570 SS-L •Sear Spring (Left Hand) $19.95  
570 MS-L •Main Spring (Left Hand) $23.95  
570 STR-L •Stirrup (Left Hand) $14.95  

•Included in Set of Lock Castings.

Hardware Parts

570 BP Butt Plate $36.95  
570 TG Trigger Guard $36.95  
570 TP Trigger Plate $19.95  
570 TR-L Trigger (Left) $12.95  
570 TR-R Trigger (Right) $12.95  
570 RT Rear Thimble $18.95  
570 BRT Breech Tang (Hook Style) $29.95  
570 BRP-P-R Breech Plug (Patent Style) (Right Hand) $24.95  
570 BRP-P-L Breech Plug (Patent Style) (Left Hand) $24.95  
570 ST Stock $275.00