Scottish Pistol "Steel Framed" (532)

This nice early Scottish pistol has the early horizontal sear internals. The frame is cast in one piece. You will find these from very plain to profusely engraved like the one above. Ours is cast plain with no engraving. We have spent a lot of time on this set to be able to cast the frame in one piece. We make two barrels for this set, the plain round barrel for the military style or the ribbed style for the more elaborate pieces. The barrels are sold separately from the set of lock and frame castings.

532 Set of Lock Castings & Frame $250.00  
532 AS Assembled Lock  $395.00  
532 FR •Frame $79.95  
532 LP •Lock Plate $24.95  
532 C •Cock  $24.95  
532 TJ •Top Jaw  $18.95  
532 F •Frizzen $24.95  
532 FS •Frizzen Spring $23.95  
532 T •Tumbler $18.95  
532 SB •Sear Bar $18.95  
532 SBS •Sear Bar Spring $19.95  
532 MS •Main Spring $23.95  
532 BH Belt Hook $26.95  
532 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
532 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  
532 RRT Ramrod Thimble $14.95  
532 RR Ramrod (Head and Rod) (Steel) $39.95  
532 NP Nipple Pick $19.95  
532 TR Trigger $12.95  
532 BA-RIB Barrel Ribbed with Breech Plug $195.00  
532 BA-TR Barrel Tapered Round with Breech Plug $150.00  
532 PARTS Parts Set with Set of Lock Castings $575.00  
532 PARTSAS Parts Set with Assembled Lock $795.00  

Included in a (532) Set of Lock Castings and Frame.