1763 French Dragoon Muskets

The French kept the dragoon musket throughout the flint period. In 1763 it became the same size as the standard issue musket with just a slightly slimmer wrist and butt. Basically the only major difference from this model and forward is the bands and that it has all brass mountings except the butt plate and middle band. All other parts are the same as the Infantry Musket. It has a 44 3/4" barrel, available in .69 caliber.

During the 1770-1777 period it also underwent the same changes as the standard issue musket with the lock. The 1770-1776 used the straight iron pan and the 1777 to the year 9 used the slanted brass pan. On the year 9 the barrel was shortened to 42 5/8", the caliber remained the same.

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