French Pulverin Powder Horn Set (547)

Brass butt and front piece with spout, steel cutoff lever and valve. You’ll find a lot of these in French Wood cuts and drawings in the 1600’s and 1700’s. The spout can be filed octagon or left round. In the picture to the right you will see a very nice example of a French Pulverin Powder Horn constructed from our parts by Mr. Lloyd Cheney of Zumbrota, Minnesota.

547 Set of Powder Horn Castings $89.95  
547 BC •Base Cover $26.95  
547 TC •Top Cover $24.95  
547 COL •Cut Off Lever $12.95  
547 COF •Cut Off Flap $9.95  
547 SPT •Spout $24.95  
547 SPR •Spring $19.95  

Included in a Set of Powder Horn Castings.