U.S. Rifleman's Pouch Drawing (420 PODR)

This pouch was issued to all Rifleman Companies. It is a gusseted pouch divided in the center forming the front and back halves. This was first described in the “Handbook for Rifleman” in 1812 and in the Ordnance Manuals of 1839, 1842, and 1850. It was used with the 1803 Harpers Ferry, the 1814 & 1817 Common rifle, the Hall breech-loading Rifles, and finally with the Mississippi Rifle. It was first issued with a horn, then with the peace flask later. The inside pocket held “Sixty well smoothed balls and the outside pocket held the turnscrew, worm, oil rag, small knife and patches”. We carry a full size drawing of each piece of the pouch and how to assemble it. These were taken directly from a very rare original pouch with all the notes from the Ordnance Manuals.

420 PODR Full Size Drawing and Notes of the US Riflemans Pouch $14.95