Early Russian Snaplock Hunting Gun (787)

Thanks to the Late Kit Ravenshear and Elmer Johnson we now have a copy of an early Russian Hunting gun. It has a 42" tapered and flared octagon barrel. This is the basic hunting gun that the Russian’s used from early 1600’s to the mid 1800’s. Thousands of Russian’s hunted all up and down the Pacific coast and even had a large fort (Fort Ross) just above San Francisco until 1840. They shipped almost as many furs back to Russia as the Hudson Bay Company. These guns were almost always rifled with sights and small bores. This is what you would call a real Northwest Trade Gun. This gun is also shown on page 17. The lug on the forestocks of these weapons were for detachable bipods which were fairly long for shooting in the kneeling position. Many of these hunting rifles have a sliding patch box on the underside behind the trigger guard. Ramrods are completely enclosed. The drawing above is from an 18th Century Russian hunting book showing one of these Snaplock with a bi-pod. The Russians used bi-pods on many of their military rifles, all the way past WW I.

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787 F •Frizzen $24.95  
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