Mexican Baker Rifle (775)

The English sent many Baker Rifles to help the Spanish fight Napoleon. According to Juan Calvo, these were standard Baker Rifles in the beginning. Later Spanish Bakers have a special trigger guard, which we now have, thanks to Pierre Cayla. The lock listed here is from a Spanish Baker Rifle that was remarked with an eagle and a snake when they were sent to Mexico so you can build a Mexican Baker Rifle. This same lock was used on the Mexican Paget.

775 Set of Lock Castings $150.00  
775 AS Assembled Lock $495.00  
775 LP •Lock Plate $24.95  
775 C •Cock $24.95  
775 TJ •Top Jaw $18.95  
775 F •Frizzen $24.95  
775 FS •Frizzen Spring $23.95  
775 T •Tumbler $18.95  
775 B •Bridle $18.95  
775 S •Sear $18.95  
775 SS •Sear Spring $19.95  
775 MS •Main Spring $23.95  
775 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
775 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  
775 TG Trigger Guard (Spanish Only) $39.95  

Included in a Set of Lock Castings.