Swedish Snaplock (899)

This is a very early 1600’s snaplock. This very basic pattern is a little later than our (685) above, in that the frizzen now covers the pan instead of having a manual cover. In this lock you notice that the face of the frizzen actually turns sideways to form the safety where as the early snaplocks did not have a half cock. You can close the frizzen, turn the striking face out and let the cock down on top of the lower portion of the frizzen. This became a predominate feature of Swedish locks well into the 19th century. Most of the locks in this period with this size and shape were used to convert matchlock muskets to the more versatile flintlock. We have a nice full musket stock for this set now. The lock plate is 7 1/2" x 1 1/2". The throw of the cock is 2 3/4".

899 Set of Lock Castings $150.00  
899 AS Assembled Lock $395.00  
899 C •Cock $24.95  
899 TJ •Top Jaw $18.95  
899 LP •Lock Plate $29.95  
899 S •Sear $18.95  
899 SS •Sear Spring $19.95  
899 CBR •Cock Bridle $18.95  
899 FBY •Frizzen Battery $24.95  
899 FBE •Frizzen Base $24.95  
899 MSFS •Main Spring & Frizzen Spring $29.95  
899 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
899 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  

Included in a Set of Lock Castings.