U.S. 1795 Muskets

There are more variations in the U.S. 1795 Muskets than any other weapon in our history. When you add the contract muskets of 1794 and 1798 it is almost overwhelming to understand. To help with this we highly recommend George Moller’s book “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume 2” for anyone working with these early U.S. muskets. It is the finest work out with a fantastic amount of research information and photographs to show all known variations of all U.S. flint muskets and rifles. We consider this book a must. We are using his terminology of types to make the parts we have available easier to understand.

1795 Springfield with 1813 Alterations (526)

Early production of many 1795’s with thin muzzles, had the bayonets permanently brazed on. By 1813, almost 13,000 muskets had been converted this way. Not being a satisfactory arrangement, in late 1813 they started cutting 12" off the length of these guns making the barrels 32 1/4" long, removing the middle band and installing the front band in its place and putting a U-shaped swivel in between the two bands. According to George Moller, these were sold to arms dealers and the public in 1815 with the exception of 1,000 which were held back for possible Navy use. We have the stock and barrel patterns for this version now. We are showing you this weapon to show that you can make or restore many different variations from the 1795 parts we have. Many of these made it out West, because the prices they were sold to the public was cheaper than most trade guns.

526 FSSW-A Front Sling Swivel 1813 Alteration $14.95  
526 RSSW-A Rear Sling Swivel 1813 Alteration $14.95  
526 RSSWL-A Rear Sling Swivel Lug 1813 Alteration $12.95