Boy's Small Kentucky Rifle Hardware (772)

This was a small Kentucky Rifle in the Lancaster style that was made for a small boy. We reproduced the stock pattern and it is set up for a 13/16" octagon to 3/4" round barrel 24 1/2" in length. We offer a barrel for this rifle or we can send you the barrel prints if you wish to make your own barrel. We also have the patch box drawings available for this rifle by request. The trigger pull on the stock is 10 3/4" and the overall length of this rifle is 37". We used the Series (603) pistol lock (on page 132) as it was close to the original and of better quality. You can also use Pete Allen's Becky lock in this if you request the lock inlet to be left small when ordering the stock. This finished gun weighs only 3lbs 9ozs.

772 BP Butt Plate $29.95  
772 TG Trigger Guard $29.95  
772 TP Trigger Plate $15.95  
772 TR Trigger $12.95  
772 SP Side Plate $16.95  
772 SLSX Side Lock Screws (2 Needed) $6.95  
772 RT Rear Thimble $16.95  
772 FT Front Thimble (2 Needed) $16.95  
772 RS Rear Sight $14.95  
772 FRS Front Sight $12.95  
772 NC Nose Cap $16.95  
772 BA Barrel $195.00  
772 BRP Breech Plug $19.95  
772 BUL Barrel Underlug (3 Needed) $2.95  
772 TASX Tang Screw $4.95  
772 ST Stock $195.00