British Baker Rifles

In the late 1790’s the British again started testing rifles and different rifling, trying to find one pattern to adopt, where as to eliminate the supply problems with all foreign rifles they were using at that time. Ezekiel Baker’s rifling was adopted February 4, 1800. Ezekiel was asked to supply various pattern Rifles in .62 and .69 caliber. The .62 caliber rifle was adopted in September, 1800 orders were being placed to various makers and manufacturing of the Baker continued until 1838. Many of the rifles were sent to the Portuguese, Spanish and Canadian Governments, they were even issued to the Kings German Legion.

In April 1801 the 95th Rifle Regiment received their baptism of fire on board Nelson’s Squadron off Copenhagen. This rifle was used in almost every battle in the world in its time, all the way to the Kaffir War in 1851. It was also used against the United States in 1812, by the Mexicans at the Alamo in 1836 and again in the Mexican wars.

The Rifle regiments were considered light troops and England used them to their fullest advantage to take on the brunt of the Napoleonic War to buy time for her allies to recover and they always distinguished themselves.

It was and still is one of the most efficient and best handling Military flint rifles ever used by any Country. There were many variations of the Baker rifle made up for volunteer units. You will also find early and late locks mixed on Bakers with early and late patchboxes. When they did this it was not considered a new model but just a modification. Many Baker rifles had slit stocks, this is a slot in the forearm 1/16" to 3/32" cut from the ramrod entry hole all the way to the trigger guard to allow mud and debris to be pushed out of the ramrod hole.

Captain Barber of the Duke of Cumberland Sharpshooters wrote in 1804 that a third class marksman should be able to put 5 out of 6 balls in an 8" circle at 100 yards, a second class marksman must be able to do the same at 200 yards, and a first class marksman must be able to do the same at 300 yards but he could use a rest at this range.

Costello in his diary states that Rifleman Tom Plunket lying on his back with the sling of his Rifle wrapped around his foot, took careful aim and shot the French Cavalry General Colbert in the head well over 300 yards and then after reloading also shot the French Trumpeter who dashed over to check on the General with a head shot also.

We now have most all the variations of the Baker Rifles and accessories available. Every piece we copy is from an original weapon, which allows you to restore an original or build a completely new weapon.

We are grateful to the Late Kit Ravenshear, DeWitt Bailey, Pierre Cayla, and Al Wegler for all the time and wonderful help with this project. De Witt Bailey’s new book “British Military Flintlock Rifles 1740-1840” has a large amount of information about these rifles.

Kings German Legion Baker Rifles

There were also British Baker Rifles used by the Kings German Legion. These have the regiment, K.G.L. and rack number engraved on the butt plate tang, otherwise they are the same as the standard issue British Marked Baker Rifles.

95th Regiment Baker Markings

British Baker Rifle Cleaning Set

Consists of double screw bullet puller, cleaning patch head and bar for removing stuck tools from ramrod.

501 BCS Baker Cleaning Set $39.95  

British Baker Rifle Take Down Tool

Very rare find for us this double ended screw driver with pin punch and bar used in connection with the bar in cleaning set to remove stuck tools from ramrod.

501 BTDT Baker Take Down Tool $39.95  

Snake Buckle

This is the belt buckle for 1 7/8" belt worn by the Rifle Regiments from 1800 to World War I.

501 SB Snake Buckle $39.95  

British Baker Rifle Powder Horn Castings

These were taken directly from a nice original in Pierre Cayla’s Collection. The integral Irish style powder measure holds 70 grains of powder which can be decreased or enlarged by reaming or shortening the measure.

501 PHS Powder Horn Spout $24.95  
501 PHM Powder Horn Measure $24.95  
501 PHMLS Powder Horn Measure Latch Spring $16.95  
501 PHB Powder Horn Base $29.95  

British Baker Rifle Powder Horn Castings

853 Set of Powder Horn Castings. $44.95  
853 SPT •Spout $24.95  
853 L •Lever $19.95  
853 LS •Lever Spring $12.95  

Included in a Set of powder Horn Castings.

1800's Baker Rifle Sword Bayonet

501 BAYHA-00 Bayonet Handle 1800's $39.95  
501 BAYGU-00 Bayonet Guard 1800's $34.95  
501 BAYLA-00 Bayonet Latch 1800's $19.95  
501 BAYBL-00 Bayonet Blade 1800's $135.00  
501 BAYAS-00 Bayonet Assembled 1800's $395.00  

1823 Baker Rifle Triangular Blade Bayonet

501 BAYHA-23 Bayonet Handle $39.95  
501 BAYGU-23 Bayonet Guard $34.95  
501 BAYLA-23 Bayonet Latch 1823 $19.95  
501 BAYBL-23 Bayonet Blade 1823 $135.00  
501 BAYAS-23 Bayonet Assembled 1823 $395.00  


Flat Lock Carbine Bore British Baker Rifle (714)

Round Lock Carbine Bore Baker Rifle (501)

Musket Bore Baker Rifle (725)

Baker Cavalry Carbine (601 A)

Left Hand Baker Rifle (694)

Mexican Baker Rifle Lock (775)

Portuguese Baker Rifle lock (858)

Bakers Improved Lock (792)

Musket Bore Baker Rifle Lock (548)

Baker Volunteer Lock, Trigger Guard & Thimbles (511)