Early Notice for Our Customers 11-12-2022

Our founders will be taking some time to celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary. We will be closed December 12th - 21st, reopening December 22nd.  During this time, we will be unable to respond to emails or phone messages.  We appreciate each of our customers and are thankful for your support. May each of you be blessed this Christmas season.

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Makers of fine quality parts for the builder or restorer.

Due to a lack of parts for our own projects, we began making investment cast parts for our own use.  Now more than 25 years later, The Rifle Shoppe is still making these fine quality investment cast parts available to builders and restorers of antique firearms all over of the world.  So whether you have a antique firearm in need of parts or you are building a new reproduction to re-enact with, The Rifle Shoppe has something for you.  For more information about our products click the General Information tab above.  Below are just a few examples of weapons completed from our parts.

Newtowne Musket

Newtowne Musket

America's National Guard traces its militia origins back to December 13th, 1636, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter was enacted.  We have been working on a project with The Enlisted Association of the National Guard and The Smithsonian to replicate the 1630's Matchlock which is branded Newtowne, which is in The Smithsonian Collection.  The National Guard dates it back to the signing of their charter considering it one of the muskets used by the first Militia.  The original is the first weapon on permanent display in The Smithsonian's American History Museum in Washington, DC.  For details about the project and to see pictures of the original you can click the link or goto www.newtownemusket.com 



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With the exception of weapons with early type firing ignitions, the weapons in our catalog are separated by country.

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